It is a flat lid with a double labyrinth which prevents the leakage of electrolyte from the battery even in extreme conditions.
Each labyrinth is heat-sealed and allows the gases produced by the battery to go out where there are two flame-arrestors.

The special shape of labyrinth guarantees the condensation of most gases generated by the battery during its functioning and the returning of them into the battery itself. That is a very important advantage for the life of the battery as it avoids a high consumption of electrolyte.
There are six plugs M18 deeply inserted in the lid. They are equipped with an ORing which is moulded on them and guarantees the tightness.

It is completely flat and suitable for all the equipments currently used in the production of batteries with standard lids.
It has passed the certification tests in compliance with norms EN and specifications OEM of the main producers of motor vehicles.

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