Because of more then 60 years we have been protagonists by your side.

“We have been protagonists by your side to face the challenges of today and tomorrow, with the spirit of always”

ATI is a company created by an intuition: there were still too many questions and needs which were not given an adequate and concrete answer to.
ATI gave the greatest answer of all to itself. High commitment, passion and strong motivation constantly aimed to reach total operative excellence led to an immediate success which confirmed ATI its decision was the right one. Customers’ needs and requests are for us like a horizon we look at with eyes that analyze and understand and not just see.

Because team work and careful understanding are still precious values which can make the difference

Since it was founded, ATI has given primary importance to dialogue, cooperation, and direct relationship with its customers. A culture of work which daily puts together the efforts, the experience and professional skills of all company employees to reach together commonly shared vital issues such as customers’ satisfaction, careful and deep understanding of its desires, and the achievement of clear objectives thanks to highly personalized solutions.

Because we believe technological innovation and research are the starting line and not the finishing line

Its great ability to constantly keep up with the latest technological innovation enables ATI to work always with the most advanced designing software, production and testing systems and equipments. Modern methodologies, advanced technics and a rigorous working effectiveness represent our strength.

All this combined to a constant research for technologies and processes which are able to grant an adequate and effective answer to the markets’ needs of today and tomorrow make of ATI a leader in the field of plastics injection moulding systems.